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Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Board, Inc.
Fort Defiance, Arizona, United States (on-site)
27 days ago
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Roseville, California, United States (on-site)
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Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Board, Inc.
Fort Defiance, Arizona, United States
Spotlight Preferred
27 days ago
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Job Duration
$91,225.00 - $116,768.00
Min Experience
1-2 Years
Min Education
Required Travel
Salary - Type
Yearly Salary
Job Function
Public Health


This position serves as the fully qualified Public Health Nurse (PHN) in Tier II of the three-tier career ladder. This position assesses diagnoses and investigates, identifies outcomes, plans, implements and evaluates a comprehensive public health nursing program for an assigned area and provides guidance and supervision to Public Health Nurse I. 

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  • Monitors health status to identify community health problems and diagnoses and investigates health problems and health hazards. 
  • Participates with interdisciplinary teams; works with tribal, State, County and Federal agencies in planning health related activities. 
  • Conducts and participates in community assessment to develop a plan of action.
  • Conducts epidemiological and community surveys, field investigations and research studies to appraise health needs exercising discretion and independent judgment.
  • Conducts community analysis in partnership with community representatives, and in collaboration with other public health or health care professionals.
  • Monitors community health status and evaluates health trends and risk factors of population groups.
  • Uses valid and reliable methods and instruments for collecting qualitative and quantitative while collecting data in a systematic and organized manner, i.e., demographic, immunization, etc.
  • Analyzes valid and reliable data sources to comparisons for assessment.
  • Investigates health problems and hazards; such as communicable diseases and develops a recommended plan of action to address these issues.
  • Consults, advises and collaborates with individuals, families, communities and local, state, and federal systems.
  • Partners with community to attach importance to the data and determine opportunities and needs.
  • Helps to determine priorities for targeted interventions.
  • Designs interventions to mobilize resources for action. 
  • Collaborates in the development and use of polices and plans that support individual, family, and community health efforts.
  • Shares health information and collaborates with patients/families and other community resources.
  • Provides health education to individuals, families and community groups in various settings, i.e., school, jail, community clinics (flu).
  • Educates and coaches people to make appropriate and informed decisions about health issues.
  • Ensures that current epidemiological processes are followed.
  • Demonstrates complex reasoning abilities and critical thinking skills to be able to make connections between collected data and community and public health practice decisions.
  • Builds community capacity by engaging community members and partners in designing more effective, sustainable health-promoting programs.
  • Assesses patient needs.
  • Conducts visits to homes, communities, schools and clinics to provide patient care, counseling, and instruction in  preventative, curative and rehabilitative health matters.
  • Consults with health care team members i.e., case management with health care providers.
  • Administers the therapeutic measures as prescribed by the health team.
  • Plans and provides comprehensive nursing services to individuals, families and communities; provides skilled nursing services to individuals and families in homes, schools and/or outreach clinics.
  • Provides patient teaching and assist them in understanding, accepting and adjusting to the implications and responsibilities of medical care, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Evaluates and reassesses patient needs.
  • Participates in continuous evaluation of program and services, and performance improvement.
  • Develops Standard of Care.
  • Evaluates outcomes of interventions to continually improve population based care.
  • Uses literature based best practices.
  • Assists in the mentorship, guidance and supervision of Public Health Nurse I.
  • Completes all yearly Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) required training by the indicated due dates.
  • Assists, promotes, and supports compliance with established CMS standards.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


One (1) year of direct work experience as a Public Health Nurse I.

Valid and unrestricted Registered Nurse license in any U.S. State or Territory.

Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from an accredited nursing program.

Valid American Heart Association (AHA) certification in Basic Life Support (BLS) and maintain certification.
Must have (or obtain during orientation) unit specific certifications.

**Please email resume, college degree and/or transcripts, license and certifications to


FDIHB and its facilities are located within the Navajo Nation and, in accordance with Navajo Nation law, has implemented a Navajo/Indian Preference in Employment Policy. Pursuant to this Policy, applicants who meet the minimum qualifications for this position and who are enrolled members of the Navajo Nation will be given primary preference in hiring and employment for this position and members of other federally-recognized Indian tribes will be given secondary preference. Other candidates will be considered only after all candidates entitled to primary or secondary preference have been fully considered.

Job ID: 72925803
Healthcare / Health Services
Round Rock , AZ , US

At Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Board, Inc. (FDIHB, Inc.) is accredited by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and is a not-for-profit corporation operating for the sole purpose of promoting the health of the Navajo people within its service area. Our primary focus is Primary Care in the out-patient and in-patient setting, serving 16-communities in the heart of the Navajo Nation. Tsehootsooi Medical Center (TMC) is an acute care hospital located in Fort Defiance, AZ. Nestled in a ponderosa environment on...

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